Books – new categories on the blog

I’ve added new categories to the blog – “Brands with a Conscience” and “Real Communications” – to reflect two book projects I’m currently involved in. The first is a collaborative effort, the other a Narrate special project.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting draft pieces relating to each – probably full bite-size chapter from Real Communications and will welcome comments and thoughts on the work in progress.

Brands with a Conscience comes from the Medinge international branding thinktank. Each year we nominate the top 10 international brands that we percieve to be those that epitomise “Brands with a Conscience”. This year we are also producing a book to reflect and explain what that means, why it’s so crucial to the future of branding and organisations (and, as Malcolm Allan and Sicco van Gelder and Simon Anholt would remind me, geographic entities like countries and cities). I’ll be adding my thoughts and chapters here as they crystallize.

Real Communications, or as it’s currently subtitled in my head, “Cutting the Crap and Creating Understanding” is a Narrate project. And will deliver short, sharp, practical chapters on aspects of communications – but from a common sense perspective, with examples of good and bad practice and straightforward actions and exercises. At least that’s the plan. For that, I’ll be posting drafts of chapters as I write them – and will welcome criticism and thoughts before they are honed to the final product.

Which means that I’m putting the culture change book on the backburner for the moment. Reluctantly, but there are only so many hours to be squeezed in…