Don’t kill charity websites

Published by Tony Quinlan on

Last week I participated in one of the Media Trust’s regular sessions for charities and not-for-profit organisations to get consultancy and advice from marketing/communications/new media companies.

An interesting session – and apologies for not flagging it up beforehand.
Yet again, I heard of small organisations being advised by earlier seminar presenters to jump into blogs, podcasts et al – as "your old static website is useless".

While I respect the enthusiasm behind the statement, it’s not helpful – particularly when you’re a small organisation with a low budget, colleagues who still think this "fax" thing is all very well, but what’s wrong with a letter…

Yes, there’s lots that new media is fantastic at – and I think it’s worth experimenting with much of it – but let’s not depress everyone by telling them that if they’re not on the latest thing, then they’re "useless."  And let’s not throw the bath, the baby and the bathwater out, just because we’ve discovered showers.