The MOD Files – the Truth is Out There

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In response to a recent post by Dave Snowden, I commented:

And then comes the added fun of conspiracies to explain why the defence establishments are investigating all of this. In the mid-70s, I was fascinated by all news space-related, keeping a scrap book starting with the Viking landings.

And for years thereafter it was populated with newspaper stories about UFO spottings – all brought home by my father, who was working at the MOD and these were in the daily circulated press clippings. And years later, a friend seeing this scrapbook and deciding that the MOD’s monitoring of UFO sightings indicated that they believed them to be real.

As opposed to more mundane possibilities, like the MOD matching these sightings against RAF manoeuvres or something equally terran…

And then I found this from the Guardian:

How the men from the ministry hid the hunt for UFOs

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