Storytelling and Change in Organisations

Published by Tony Quinlan on

Details here of a one-day seminar at the University of Bath on 18th December.  Looking at the abstracts, there are quite a few that should be interesting, but I know I’m not yet versed in interpreting half the language in these – and could be completely missing the mark of what they’re actually about.

Regardless, I’m particularly looking forward to William House’s piece on "Storytelling for Pain Study", Helen Kara’s "Change Across Boundaries" (which sounds like it may share some similarities with our own emotional audits) and Benjamin Golant and John Sillince’s "The Paradoxical Role of Narrative in Organizational Change"

And Stephanie Reissner’s "Story and Anti-story: Patterns of Narrative in Organisational Change Situations", which appears to be a more detailed look at what John Hunt talked about in his Financial Times article "In search of the plot – people respond to uncertainty by looking for meaning" back in April 2001.

There’s a registration form for the seminar here, or contact Andrew Brown or Merwyn Manson at the University of Bath School of Management.

And if you’re going, let me know – for train travellers, there’s long journeys full of opportunities for conversations…