Prague notes

Published by Tony Quinlan on

Speaking in Prague to UNICEF fundraisers from around the world, I referenced various things.  As promised, here are the notes.

I used this fabulous piece of video from Larry Brilliant from his TED prize speech.  You can also watch it online here or download audio only.  There are more inspiring TED pieces here.

I mentioned the following books:

  • The UNICEF Book of Fairy Tales is here.  (On Monday there were three copies in stock, today there are none.  People have been busy overnight…) It’s published by Abbeville and there appear to be copies at eBay
  • The Hero and the Outlaw – looking at parallels between organisation brands and Jungian archetypes – is hereColin Morley put me onto the book in the first place, it feels right to acknowledge that here.
  • The Man in the Caravan – a series of case studies focusing on individuals helped by local government looks to be here, but I can’t confirm the link right now.
  • I also showed the NATO Storybook, but I can’t find it anywhere – maybe it was only for insiders?


The earlier workshop session was great, but no public references for that.  As I promised, the materials we co-created will be typed up and circulated next week.