McKee Story seminar – April 2007

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Robert McKee’s book, "Story", is on the Narrate recommended reading list – has been ever since I read it in 1999.  His work on storytelling is phenomenal – insightful and very powerful.  (It’s probably time for me to re-read his book.)  His seminars are legendary, and he’s running another one in London on 27-29 April 2007.  You can register by phone at  +44 (0)870 080 1833 or online at his website

Although he writes and lectures predominantly for a screenwriting/scripting audience, his ideas about stories are excellent.  If you’re looking to do more work on story in the organisation, I can’t recommend this highly enough.  Graduates of his course have won 26 Oscars, over 130 Emmys, 20 WGA Awards, 17 DGA Awards, the Pulitzer Prize, the British Book of the Year Award and many other awards.

More details:

£360 + VAT: Regular Fee
£460 + VAT: Writer’s Special: Includes the Story Seminar + the latest international version of Final Draft software
£235 + VAT: Repeater Fee: For former Story Seminar students

Hogg Lecture Theatre (3)
University of Westminster
Marylebone Campus
35 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5LS

A couple of tips though, if you’re going:

  1. Turn off your mobile phone, blackberry etc.  Laptops silent.
  2. If you’re going to question him, be prepared for a real argument.
  3. If you look up "irascible" in the dictionary, you’ll find his name.

But believe me, it’s worth it.

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