Horror stories for the Mac? Anyone?

Published by Tony Quinlan on

After enduring some spectacularly bad hardware problems and appalling customer service with my current desktop PC, I’m finally looking at moving over to Mac.  It’s exciting and tempting, and I’m (at last!) realising that those are also warning signs.

As with most things, we tend to confirmation bias – seeing evidence to support the course of action we want to take.  So this time, I’m looking consciously for reasons not to move to the Mac, specifically for examples of system failures and lack of service in resolving issues.

It’s an interesting exercise.  Had I done it for the desktop PC, there were plenty of horror stories available to make me reconsider.  For Apples, however, there are fewer.

So – I’m pleased I’m actually thinking it through more and looking for warning signs.  Anyone got any horror stories?

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