Upcoming training course

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The next masterclass on storytelling that we’re doing with Melcrum is fast approaching on 17th November 2009 in Central London.  Details and registration are here.

I’m also speaking next week at the Leeds Castle Leadership programme for local government.  These will be the last two public speaking engagements this year.  I’ve got a couple of planned sessions in January and will post details of those shortly, but I’m not now taking any more until February.

For those interested, I’ve got the slides and MP3s for the talk at KCUK 2009 earlier this year, where I talked about “Retaining business capital” – a long-winded and jargon-laden way of talking about sharing experiences and knowledge.

The slides are here: Download 001 Retaining essential business capital and the audio is here:

(Thanks for the recording go to Kathryn Chin – the excellent now-freelance conference organiser. Tweet/thank her at kat_mandu_)