SenseMaker course and narrative techniques – London and around the world

Cognitive Edge have just announced their courses for the first half of 2011 – both for their accreditation course (full of excellent facilitation exercises and deep, valuable background on concepts like complexity, the Cynefin framework and narrative) and for their SenseMaker training days.

Get in early and there’s an Early Bird discount.

It’s one of the strongest recommendations I ever make – these courses will change the way you see your work and give you massively valuable tools that allow you to deal with the new realities of business complexities.

Details for workshops around the globe are here.

London dates are 2-3rd February 2011 for the accreditation and techniques, 4th February 2011 for SenseMaker.

Do yourself a favour – book yourself on one.

(And no, I get no commission if you do – I just think it’s that good…)