Solitude standing

Published by Tony Quinlan on

A colleague in an organisation I partner with recently asked me for a CV for the website. So far, so normal. Then they asked for a list of presentations – something I've never really pulled together before. So I delved through the conference folders to find those times when I've stood at the front of a conference hall.

It turned out to be broader than I remembered and I'm rather proud of it, so I thought I'd share it. (I've taken out duplications like all the multiple workshops on storytelling, internal communications and change, along with repeat appearances at conferences.)



  • Working effectively through times of change, Knowledge Management in the Public Sector conference, September 2007
  • Understanding employees and organisational culture, Association of Police Public Relations Officers annual conference, November 2008
  • Mapping mentally complex situations, Innovative Visualisation and Cartographic Language conference, Luxembourg, April 2009
  • Complexity and Creativity keynote presentation, Annual conference of creativity academics, University of Greenwich, July 2009
  • Challenges and opportunities in a crisis keynote presentation, Local Government Communications annual conference, Nottingham, May 2009
  • Retaining essential business capital, Knowledge and Content UK conference, London, June 2009
  • Change management in the public sector series of workshops, Ark Group, London, Singapore, Leeds and Manchester, 2005-2007
  • Developing a knowledge sharing culture, London, January 2005
  • Narrative for public policy, US State Department Strategic Communications network, October 2009
  • An introduction to narrative, Royal Navy Information Operations training programme, November 2009
  • Putting the public in the picture, Local Government Leaders programme, Harlow, December 2009
  • Internal Communications masterclass, Ark Group, London, January 2010
  • Narrative in Leadership, Informatology conference, London, April 2010
  • Babies, bathwater and targets – future trends in healthcare, Henley Alumni conference, September 2010
  • Why good research isn’t enough, Higher Education External Relations Association annual conference, December 2010