European capacity for sensemaking and complexity

Published by Tony Quinlan on

We’re building European capacity for our clients and our projects!

I’m delighted to make the official announcement that UK-based Narrate and Netherlands-based Top Innosense are partnering to create the sense-making capability that can support the projects that we’re seeing across Europe. With experts like Harold, Ton, Erwin and Aart-Jan, we’re looking forward to sharing some of the projects we’ve each been doing for clients around customer insight, employee engagement, social media and more.

The Top Innosense team describe themselves thus (via the not-entirely-clumsy Google Translate):

TOP innosense helps organizations make better use of the insights, ideas and intelligence of large groups of people. And we usually mean big big.

Whether it’s tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of civilians, hundreds or thousands of employees or patients per day, TOP innosense can help you understand what’s happening and what drives them. And then we will help you to translate this knowledge into action.


  • Are you looking for an effective method to develop new products and launch?
  • Want your competitors by better understanding the needs, opinions or suggestions of your customers?
  • Would you really let your citizens participate in the city?
  • Do you understand the numbers behind your last patient satisfaction survey?
  • Want to make better use of the knowledge of your employees and / or the aging wave cope?
  • Are you looking for an effective method to develop new products and launch?<
  • Want to adjust your strategy in time to adequately respond to future developments?
  • Want to improve your service and your service portfolio innovate?
  • Want to identify dangerous situations before something really goes wrong?
  • Do you know of employees who leave your organization hold?
  • Or do you have another challenge facing the familiar management tools not answer that?

TOP innosense then you’ve come to the right place!