Hong Kong and Sydney courses

I’m going to be in Hong Kong on 24th-26th September, running a Cognitive Edge introductory course to using SenseMaker® – highly recommended. If you’re interested (and you should be) you can get details and book on the Cognitive Edge website.

I’m then flying down to Sydney to run the Practitioners’ Foundation course the following week – it’s already very full, but there may be one or two places left for 2nd-4th October. Details again at the Cognitive Edge website. The Practitioners’ Foundation course is outstanding – the content and exercises are what I’ve recommended to anyone interested in narrative and complex facilitation for the past five years. (Long before I started giving the course myself)

I’m not going to have any spare time in Singapore, but have some free time on Friday 28th and Friday 5th October in Sydney, if anyone fancies a coffee and conversation…