A first – two new Cognitive Edge workshops in Belfast, 24th-25th October 2012

There's a rare opportunity coming up in a couple of weeks in Belfast. In fact, there are two:

Cognitive Edge Complexity Masterclass, October 24th, 8:30-10:30am – a brief introduction to the theory, principles and concepts of working with complex systems/environments and their associated problems.

  • This Introductory masterclass session introduces Cognitive Edge, the theory, principles and concepts. It introduces the workshop methods and their relationship with SenseMaker®.
    • The nature of complexity and why it’s critical in situations of high uncertainty or ambiguity
    • The contribution of sensemaking and the role of narrative approaches to collecting qualitative data
    • Introduction to the Cynefin Framework and the underlying principles and concepts
    • What are the main application areas for SenseMaker®? Example cases will be used to provide context
  • This is a 2 hour overview session – and a proper bargain at only £24!

Cognitive Edge SenseMaker® Foundations, October 24th, 11:00-October 25th, 17:00 – a two-day course giving a really strong foundation in how to use SenseMaker® most effectively – covering why you might use it, how you would run a project and in-depth details of sense-making/analysing the final data – and then turning that into real actions and projects.

For anyone who's been looking at SenseMaker® and toying with the idea of using it, this is a fantastic opportunity and the first time a workshop like this has been run. Both Anne and I have run multiple SenseMaker® projects in recent years, so we'll be sharing the opportunities and excitement of what it offers, along with sharing a few war stories so that others don't fall into the pitfalls we have!

There will be a number of people there from the recent Belfast health-oriented projects, so this will be a great opportunity for anyone in the NHS to see some of the real opportunities available with this radical tool. (That said, you don't have to be in health to come along – just in good health!)

  • This 2 day course will develop a strong foundation in using SenseMaker®, either as a project or for continuous capture, to support decision making and strategy development in complex scenarios. SenseMaker® and the Cognitive Edge principles and methods have been developed over a decade of action research and dozens of projects. SenseMaker® is a unique tool which combines quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods. It can be applied to areas such as:
    • Early detection of weak signals, which can be applied to an organization, culture(s), segments, competitive threat or marketplaces
    • Leadership development, talent assessment
    • Mapping organizational culture and initiating change through self-descriptive awareness
    • Industry / Market / Culture assessment/Service users audit
    • Strategy development
    • Operational and/or organisational resilience
  • This course will develop an understanding of the Cognitive Edge Methods, the SenseMaker® software with an emphasis on case studies via prior use from projects which have been carried out in N.Ireland and elsewhere.
  • Complexity science provides a new way of understanding strategic issues for organisations and policy makers. Switching from a fail-safe design mindset to one based on safe-fail experimentation creates a more resilient approach to managing uncertainty. Participants will gain understanding of the application of how to apply sensemaking methods to the mapping and analysis of strategic, organisational and market issues.

Registration details for both courses are at the links above.

The venue for both sessions is Knockbreda Wellbeing and Treatment Centre, 110 Saintfield Rd, Castlereagh, BT8