New York or New Year?

Published by Tony Quinlan on

A useful lesson already this week – don’t combine re-entry from a significant foreign trip with an office move and the setting up of networks and other systems that that entails!

Last week was spent in Bangladesh, working with the excellent teams from BRAC and IRC on the framework for some interesting work around sanitation and perceptions in the field from field-workers and from villagers. Testing of the framework and the careful translation elements are happening this week, then I plan to return in early December to start the narrative capture with the BRAC team. It’s a fascinating project – and a smart bunch of people to be working with.

Getting back to the UK late on Saturday meant that the first real day of working should have been yesterday, but the final commissioning of phone and broadband to the new office meant that it was instead setting up the new network and moving the IT in, once I’d checked that everything was up and running. (An interesting benefit – having moved all of 1/3 of a mile from the home office, the download speed has tripled from the same provider…)

So, in short, I’m still working out where and when I am – hence the blog title. And for all those who I owe emails and documents, they’ll be forthcoming this week as I work out which planet I’m on…

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