Early bird prices on Cognitive Edge course – save €600 on both Advanced and Foundations courses

I'm teaching on behalf of Cognitive Edge this week in Boston – the Practitioners Foundation course that I was recommending to all and sundry years before CE asked me to start teaching it myself. It's still a great course:

"exceeded my expectations, re-kindled a lot of ideas and opened me up to possibilities … stimulating on so many levels"

One of the difficulties is defining who will benefit from the course – truth is everyone will, as its underpinning is around techniques to address complex situations, "wicked" problems and uncertainty in organisations. It's a mixture of theory, with practical approaches that embed the theory and give participants tools to use as soon as they return to the office.

Last time in London, we had communicators from the financial sector, consultants to large corporates, evaluators from development and health sectors, developers from telecoms and more. Diverse people, diverse issues…

It's being run again in Amsterdam in February 2013 – Foundations course (with free full day on SenseMaker) 4-6th February and Advanced course 7th-8th February.

Early bird registrations are available until 31st December, so don't loiter. (It's possible to take over €1200 off the combined price of the two courses, if you get the right combination of people together in time…)