Upcoming courses – Atlanta and London

Just a short post today – there’s a longer one in draft on the problems with the new idea du jour “duty of candour” that’s doing the rounds in health and financial circles. It won’t resolve the problems that pundits think it will – the non-reporting of bad behaviour/difficult situations – but there is an alternative that will help. More on all that to come…

For today, however, a quick heads-up on two courses coming up in May. The Cognitive Edge trainings are being re-configured into modular courses – in May, I’ll be working with Dave Snowden on the first London rollout of the new four-day Cynefin course. Details are here. I’ve raved about Cognitive Edge courses since I first went on one in 2005 – if you’re in communications, influence, operational roles, organisational development and strategic planning, these courses are essential to staying ahead and working in the highly uncertain environments we see all around us. (PS Don’t blanche at the four-day version that’s the full Cynefin experience – you can do 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of this course. Go for the four-day version if you can, but if not, start with what you can – JUST START!)

There are a couple of (likely final) runouts of the old Practitioners Foundations courses. I’m going to be teaching one of those in Atlanta at the beginning of May. Details are here. There are a few places left on this one. (And if you’re interested, get in touch with me and I may be able to get the Early Bird discount reinstated for you.)