First courses of 2014 have just gone up…

The first Cognitive Edge courses of 2014 have just gone up on their website and I'm planning on teaching on some of them.  Full dates for all courses are available here, but specific ones I'm down to be teaching include:

  • 3-6 March 2014, Washington DC. Details here.
  • 10-13 March 2014, London. Details here.
  • 24-27 March 2014, Copenhagen. Details here. (I'm looking forward to revisiting Copenhagen for the first time since working on Hewlett-Packard's printer marketing communications back in the 1990s.)

The full course is a four-day extravaganza that's well worth the investment, but for those who can't take that much time, it's possible to book individual days or combinations of days – a quick browse through the brochure should help in deciding which ones.

The focus is on the need for new ways of thinking about organisations and the environments in which we all operate – I've used these tools in government, commercial and NGO sectors myself and plenty of others have been using them in software development, engineering, health and customer-focussed applications.  It's based the Cynefin framework – a useful tool in addressing complexity in organisations.

The course itself ranges from practical exercises and tools that participants can use the next day in their organisation through well-researched theory to explorations of the implications of these for our current situations and roles.

See you there!