Two signposts for Cognitive Edge materials, one for Design of Understanding

Published by Tony Quinlan on

A quick one today – I’m still catching up after last week’s lightning-trip to Kyrgyzstan.  (Landing at 0330 on Thursday morning and leaving for the airport at 0530 on Saturday morning, with two full days of travelling at either end does not, I’ve learned, enhance my productivity…)

Two things at Cognitive Edge are worth signposting, in case you’ve missed them.

  • For anyone thinking about the upcoming Cynefin/Complexity/Narrative courses (I blogged about the ones I’m teaching at here, while other ones have been posted here), Dave Snowden has today put up a neat summary of the four days. Go read it if you can’t afford to be at all four days but aren’t sure which days to select!
  • The second is for people who are Premium members of the network. Dave recently did a webinar which is still available to watch if you know where to look. If you’re a Premium member, sign in and go to The Library, then Assemblies and you’ll find the webinar at the top of the list. (This link will also work – but  only if you’re a logged in Premium member.)

In addition, for anyone in London with some time this coming Friday, I’ll be speaking about the evolution of narrative and story in organisations at the Design of Understanding day at St Brides’ Library on Fleet Street. Tickets are available here.