Changing organisations

Getting more good results – while avoiding the “Best Practice” trap

Next week in New York, I'm with Cognitive Edge and UNDP exploring how to scale up projects without falling into the "duplicate and enlarge" trap. Development experts and scientists from ecology, neuroscience and complexity are coming together to look at what new approaches we can fashion that work more practically and effectively than current approaches to scaling up.

By Tony Quinlan, ago
Changing organisations

Patterns of voices from the Balkans – working with UNDP

The past couple of days, therefore, has been an interim stage - the first workshop and subsequent work was about getting narrative projects designed and collection started, this workshop was about starting to understand what the narrative was revealing and how to use it with different groups to engage and move to actions. ... One of the many reasons I like using SenseMaker® is that, while it starts as a research tool in its initial stages, the real potential lies once we've gathered material - then it can morph into a monitoring system, knowledge-sharing facilitator, learning tool, innovation catalyst and much more.

By Tony Quinlan, ago
Changing organisations

Evaluating impact through stories

How alternative storytelling can help impact evaluation It's a great, plain English description of the method (something I rarely manage to produce, slipping into jargon too often). ... Instead of looking for ways to "prove" x or y has happened, it offers a means to create a continual feedback loop where information is flowing in to help adjust delivery of programmes as time goes on.

By Tony Quinlan, ago
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