Transforming organisations – slides from the Agile2019 workshop in DC

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our workshop last week in Washington, DC. A whistle-stop hour-long session saw us sense-making – gathering about 80 experiences from people and signifying them on the walls (see the photos below), then visiting the Cynefin framework and talking about the Read more…

Mrs Trellis, red-shirts and savings – the limits of text analysis

I’ve just finished Tim Harford‘s excellent Messy (paperback just out) alongside Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa‘s The Leopard and both have thrown up examples of phrases that brought a smile to my face and, along with an example from a conference earlier this year, highlight one of my concerns about automatic forms Read more…

Resilience from weak links and acquaintances, not strong links and friends

A recent conversation with client-turned-friend Kecia Bertermann*, Monitoring and Learning Director at GirlEffect, prompted some thoughts around global social networks – something Kecia’s been working on generating for young girls in varying countries. While the focus is naturally towards creating friendship groups – strong local links in individuals’ networks – Read more…

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