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Argh. When a helpful example is kept confidential

No great thoughts today – the upcoming post on how not to restrict necessary feedback is drawing those for the moment. Instead, an observation for those of us who use micro-narrative research for sensemaking and organisational culture. I’m engaged today in starting data exploration and visualisation for a client project. Read more…

Tony facilitating the Digital Leadership meetup on Sensemaking

Digital Leadership, Agile Transformation – an introduction to narrative research and SenseMaker

Thanks to the Digital Leadership Meetup team for the recent opportunity to join them. We talked about the need for good feedback, sense-making in working with people – and the vital role of employee narrative research in providing that (in this case, using SenseMaker® software). The slides from the SenseMaking Read more…

Reflections on developing a SenseMaker framework to understand company culture

We spent last week working on a new narrative research framework using SenseMaker® with a new client – a quick snapshot of the organisation ahead of a big leadership and organisational design event in a month’s time. The week started with a workshop to explore the issue and the potential Read more…

The Merger – Some positive feedback, some course adjustments and some signposts on the road ahead

Part of my time this year is being spent as an adviser to two organisations that are merging. It makes an interesting example of a merger process. All relevant posts on the process are collected under the Merger tag. The merger is progressing. Since I last blogged, the organisation has Read more…

It’s not the Bad Apple, it’s the Rotten Barrel

You know, when your behaviour does not mesh with your values and attitudes, typically what happens is your attitudes and values change to fit the behaviour rather than the other way around. … If a company (Enron springs to mind, but it’s too black-and-white a choice) or department is focused on bringing in revenue and profit but are not the product development group, when they are exhorted by company values to be “Innovative” they have few options to exercise that value.

Get the story straight – Storytelling in Communications 1

The opening gambit of more than one past client project has been “help us get our story straight”. Sometimes it’s just that – the general story – sometimes it’s something specific: “help us get our customer story straight”, “our story on leadership”. It’s an interesting starting point, but demands a Read more…

Attribution is complicated, targets are unable to see contribution

I’m spending time this afternoon at the launch of the UK office of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). While it’s a subject I’m keenly interested in, it’s not one in which I’ve got depth of understanding. I struggle sometimes to understand some of the conversations, but many of Read more…

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