Reflections on developing a SenseMaker framework to understand company culture

We spent last week working on a new narrative research framework using SenseMaker® with a new client – a quick snapshot of the organisation ahead of a big leadership and organisational design event in a month’s time. The week started with a workshop to explore the issue and the potential Read more…

Masterclass – “a total lifechanger” for internal communications

I was talking with a client recently who asked me about the internal comms masterclass where we first met. Ark Group had asked me to run a masterclass that had got some great feedback and he wanted to know when he could send some of his team on a similar Read more…

Customer insight – hearing their stories, their complaints their way

Customers (or clients or patients or…) are naturally full of stories about services that an organisation offers. And they regularly share them, particularly the stories from which we can find opportunities for improvement – complaint stories or call-centre phone calls. These are actually more valuable than most focus groups or Read more…

The Merger – Some positive feedback, some course adjustments and some signposts on the road ahead

Part of my time this year is being spent as an adviser to two organisations that are merging. It makes an interesting example of a merger process. All relevant posts on the process are collected under the Merger tag. The merger is progressing. Since I last blogged, the organisation has Read more…

References and resources from HEERA conference presentation

For everyone at yesterday’s HEERA conference session, here are the main slides and some of the resources I mentioned: HEERA Conference slides For the basketball video I mentioned. More on Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework: The Harvard Business Review article on complexity/leadership/decision-making by Dave Snowden Dave’s in-depth article on complexity and Read more…

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