Not today, but soon…

I’m currently busy putting together a new talk for tomorrow night’s Henley Business School Alumni Medical Suppliers Forum, editing an article and writing two others – one for Melcrum on how negativity and dissent make an organisation more healthy and another for the Medinge Journal on Branding and Complexity. And Read more…

Making sense of thousands of stories, suggestions or complaints

There are human analysts who can read a sample and tell you what the teller meant, but as I found out when I did that early in Narrate’s evolution, that only gives you the analyst’s interpretation of the individual story (often very different from the teller’s meaning) and you get any number of cognitive biases kicking in, so that you miss stories that show you important but rare information, you get blinded by what you expect to see, etc, etc. … In the past two years, we’ve run a number of major projects using Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker™ software – collecting raw stories (in their badly spelled, ungrammatical, sometimes garbled or terse forms) but with the tellers adding meaning to their stories by showing us what they see in their stories.

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