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Argh. When a helpful example is kept confidential

No great thoughts today – the upcoming post on how not to restrict necessary feedback is drawing those for the moment. Instead, an observation for those of us who use micro-narrative research for sensemaking and organisational culture. I’m engaged today in starting data exploration and visualisation for a client project. Read more…

All assistance short of actual help

… or “Monitoring and watching without action is an intrusive waste of resource” Over Christmas, I heard a story via a convoluted but accurate route about an individual who had something of a “family situation” take place – one that involved the police and a frustrating visit to a hospital to deal with a family member’s mental health issues. … Much of the work we’ve been doing recently is around detecting early warning of shifts in attitudes and the like – but as some frustrated individuals can attest, we steadfastly refuse to rely entirely on analysis and results.

Improving sales, employee engagement using stories – the masterclass

Following the recent Pfizer case study, we've decided to run another masterclass – this time looking specifically at tools and techniques to apply narrative and storytelling in organisations. Date: Thursday 7th April 2011, 9.30-16.30 Venue: Regus, Central London Register: http://narrativemasterclass.eventbrite.com Cost: £295 (Early bird tickets until 8th March £195) This Read more…

Using stories to increase sales at Pfizer

The secret’s finally out – this project last year was with Pfizer. This month’s Strategic Communications Management magazine features Pfizer Communications Director Nigel Edwards’ case study on the overall project. If I’m honest, we were very proud of this one. Fast response, fast gathering and fast analysis – and using Read more…

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