Get the story straight – Storytelling in Communications 1

The opening gambit of more than one past client project has been “help us get our story straight”. Sometimes it’s just that – the general story – sometimes it’s something specific: “help us get our customer story straight”, “our story on leadership”. It’s an interesting starting point, but demands a Read more…

Is this really the most pressing thing?

I suspect this one may be an exception: 16th Organisational Storytelling Seminar: Stories we do not tell in organisations: gender, sexuality, heteronormativity and otherness Organisation studies currently takes it for granted that organisations require their employees to act in ways deemed appropriate for their sex. … As a result, ‘sexual difference which is one of the most important questions of our age, if not in fact the burning issue… which could be our salvation on intellectual level’ , in Luce Irigaray’s (1993) words, becomes an elephant in the room and a pseudo-normalised reality.