Impact Monitoring: A Community Engagement Tool For Reporting In Protracted Crisis

Understanding How People Provide For Family In Aden And Lahij – Yemen

“This report describes the results and opportunities from a pilot micro-narrative research project to understand the underlying social patterns, influencers, obstacles and opportunities in sustainable livelihood development. It illuminates these issues by giving voice to those at the forefront of the issues – community members themselves.

In addition, this report explores the possibility of using micro-narrative research to monitor the impact of programmes, projects and interventions by visualising the change in underlying beliefs, behaviours and attitudes. These can then be used to measure progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but from the citizen/community perspective. Micro-narrative research is a relatively recent development, set out in the next section. By gathering people’s experiences and giving them tools to indicate deeper meanings, it gathers community voice unfiltered and unmediated by intermediaries or experts. Using sophisticated software, the sense-making of beneficiaries can be visualised as seen in the analysis sections of this report.”