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One of the things about all the new social networking sites and systems is the apparent need to monitor a number of different potential inboxes and sources of information.  RSS feeds in a newsreader, email in Outlook (I’m still in 2003, so no RSS there yet) and the various online sites – Facebook, Melcrum’s Communicators Network, Ragan’s network, Ning, etc, etc.

Courtesy of Warren Ellis, I’ve just come across 8hands, a desktop application that, in theory, gives a single access point:

8hands is a new way of managing your online activities. it is a small and friendly desktop application that simply improves your social networking habits. 8hands organizes all of your different online profiles, so you could reach them from your desktop and get real time notifications of your current online events.

Leave all of the boring logins, checking and refreshing behind: with 8hands all you got left is being social.

It could make things much easier.  I’ll let you know…


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2 thoughts on “Tentacular Facebook”

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for reviewing our beloved 8hands, I hope it will make your life easier and that you’ll enjoy it.
    I understood you took some time to check it out and learn it a bit, and I wanted to let you know that I’m here for any question or thought you may have. You can mail me to: alonu (at) 8hands (dot) com
    As we are still on alpha, every input means a lot to us…
    All the best,
    The 8hands Mega-Team

  2. I use it for a while now, and 8hands keep getting better with each new version.
    I bet you’ll find it extremely helpful.
    email me if you feel like chatting on 8hands. It has a cool media share while IMing.

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