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It all built the market, I believed that part of Narrate’s USP was the perspective I brought to the work - and that at worst it meant that I had a spur to continue to be innovative and coming up with the next thing to keep ahead of the magpies. ... I say this, not to accuse, but to give voice to a disquiet I have in sharing some of the practice I’ve developed - I want to talk about some elements I’ve found really useful in SenseMaker® - but I find I’m reluctant to share and that I am disappointed to find myself being guarded and considering my words and thoughts more carefully.

By Tony Quinlan, ago
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Closing 2013 and opening up 2014

When you’re presented with lots of excellent examples of people’s experience (the Northern Ireland 10,000 Voices project has already gathered 1100 examples of patients’ experiences), the temptation is still to read them all, and act quickly on the ones that strike you. ... To gain a better understanding of the issues facing youth in Kyrgyzstan today, we’re introducing micronarratives – young people will collect, tell and interpret their own stories, providing a better understanding of the challenges they face in their everyday lives, and also helping to identify any gaps in the knowledge and skills of young people in order to shape the focus of our outreach activities.

By Tony Quinlan, ago
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