Down Your Way – New York, Toronto, Addis Ababa, Mexico City

Published by Tony Quinlan on

Through April and May, I've got a few trips in the diary.  While there's plenty going on at each stop, I'd like to open up the trip to other conversations than just my own.

One thing that might be useful is if you're working on marketing/selling SenseMaker® to clients and need a hand with customer conversations.


My first SenseMaker® project was to UK government and while I could handle much of the business conversation, my lack of SenseMaker® experience was a major detriment.  I was lucky to have Dave Snowden around to handle those parts of the conversation. Dave would come in for the technical and confidence-building elements around SenseMaker® and then he'd leave and I'd work on the rest of the business conversation.  And now I'd like to pay it forward…


So the travel plans are:

  • New York:        23-26 April 2014, some time free on Wednesday 23rd and again on Friday 25th
  • Addis Ababa:    4-10 May 2014, some time free on Sunday 5th
  • Toronto:          12-17 May 2014, some time free on Friday 17th
  • Mexico City:    19-21 May 2014, some time free on Wednesday 21st

Any good to anyone?