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From Henry Stewart, the remarkable boss at remarkable Happy Computers:

This Sunday I am taking the biggest physical challenge of my life. I am cycling the etape, the public stage of the Tour de France:

  • 105 miles
  • the same mountains – Tourmalet at 7,000 ft, Hautacom at 5,000 ft – that you will have seen Lance Armstrong power up.
  • the route that, when added to the Tour in 1910, the lead rider famously spat the word ‘assassins’ at the organisers on reaching the top.
  • Max time of 10 hours (or they sweep you off the road)

I’ve been training for 5 months for this, but have left the sponsorship a bit late!  The links are below, I hope you can help:


Now I am a keen cyclist. But until this year I’d not cycled more than 30 miles for 20 years – and then it was across the slightly flatter territory of London to Oxford. Getting fit enough for this (fingers crossed) has been quite an experience!


I’m raising money for 2 charities. In partnership with the Institute of IT Training, I’m cycling for Childline, who do fantastic work for children with nobody else to turn to. And I’m also raising money for Softpower, a small charity that Happy works with in Uganda – helping to train local schools in IT skills. Take your pick.




I haven’t yet heard how he did – I suspect he’s still in recovery…

[For any that don’t know, Happy are the IT training company in Aldgate, London – great atmosphere, great attitudes and, for much of the early part of the decade, the monthly venue for the London Fast Company Community of Friends.  Henry let us use the space each month on condition that speakers weren’t Powerpoint-driven.  And we got to dip into the ice-cream freezer…]

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