The new Longitude problem – have your say

Published by Tony Quinlan on

On the course next week, we'll no doubt get to the Longitude problem and the nature of innovation.  If you haven't already heard it, I'd highly recommend Dave's video here.

 In the spirit of the original Longitude prize – how to solve a pressing problem that will have a positive effect on the world – a new Longitude prize fund is being announced.  The new version will have a £10 million prize – but the exact nature of the problem is yet to be decided. There are six options currently being considered – and the final problem will be selected by a public vote.

You can find out more at the BBC's Inside Science website here, and vote for your preference here.  Voting closes on 25th June 2014


After that, get thinking – the point of the prize is to be open to anyone and everyone. This is one situation where expert in-depth knowledge will hamper at least as much as help…