UNDP Innovation Conversation on Complexity 27 September, 2017 – video available

Published by Tony Quinlan on

Last week, Tony gave a talk at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Navigating Complex Adaptive Systems. Brilliantly hosted by the UNDP Innovation team, particularly Malika, the video from the hour-long presentation is here

The presentation looked at the core elements of complexity, how to approach dealing with complex systems and included questions on how to get complexity approaches taken up by management.

For those in need of the slides themselves, here they are 002 Navigating Complexity slides – Tony Quinlan, 28th September 2017 FINAL

And a couple of articles are mentioned in the presentation, particularly:

  • John Kay’s original Financial Times article on Obliquity, now available on his website
  • Dave Snowden’s Harvard Business Review article on the Cynefin framework, available at the HBR site