Viral marketing references

Published by Tony Quinlan on

I promised the references from yesterday afternoon’s presentation on viral marketing.

It’s always interesting chairing these conferences – participants’ stories and experiences usually far more than the other presentations, which can often be slightly bland re-tellings of successful projects.  All well and good, but much less learning there.  Yesterday was a great exception to that rule – Sue Fidler’s run down of the good, the bad and the ugly illustrated lots of the pitfalls and mistakes that are easy to make in putting together viral campaigns, while Mike Hawkyard’s presentation was great on quick, easy and free ways of doing it.

In particular, I was fascinated – and tickled – while researching for the conference to learn about – set up by the legend that is Kevin Bacon himself – and its intention to work social networks for charities and donations.

It’ll be interesting to see how it progresses.  While I’m not going to predict how much individuals are likely to use it, it could tie beautifully into celebrity endorsemenets and fundraising – allowing for apportioning donations between a celeb’s multiple causes.  The question will also be how much they are willing to incorporate it into their own activities?

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