Wake me up when the data is over…

Published by Tony Quinlan on

What looks like a promising new book on narrative and storytelling in organisations has just been published.  And if you buy between now and Thursday 19th October (i.e. tomorrow…), there’s a collection of free additions to your purchase! 

Click here to buy the book:

Afterwards, click here to get your free items: http://www.wakeupmycompany.com/promotion.htm

Thanks to Dave Snowden and Shawn Callahan, two of my handful of regular blogreads at Cognitive Edge and Anecdote respectively, for the heads up on this one.  Both recommend it – as good a recommendation as you can hope in this field.

Here’s a little more on the book itself:


Stories have always held the promise of delivering business value. Now we have a book that documents scores of accounts showing how stories making a real business impact. Lori Silverman’s new book, Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results, showcases 171 business leaders worldwide providing more than 70 examples of story use in areas like branding, strategy, customer service, dealing with difficult issues, organizational change, financial management, and leadership development—all with tangible results.

I reckon this book will fly off the shelves. Its received rave reviews from Dan Pink and executives at Coca-Cola, Marriott, Center for Creative Leadership, University of Chicago, and American Family Insurance, just for starters! Check them all out at http://www.wakeupmycompany.com.

There’s also an interview here with the author, Lori Silverman.