The European story collecting tour

Published by Tony Quinlan on

A great day yesterday spent with the full Narrate team, David, Ron, Ruth, Meg, Anne and myself.

In addition to thinking about the future and other projects, potential and real, we spent half the day reviewing our latest project – collecting a couple of hundred stories from employees in 11 cities in six countries in two weeks, using SenseMaker and signifying (see upcoming blog post for explanations) to get a couple of thousand perspectives on the stories.

All to see how a particular group of people see their world, what messages are needed and potential interventions to improve the company’s results in the most practical, bottom-line way possible – increased sales!

The results were great – really useful insights into the population, coupled with stories to exemplify and share the challenges and solutions. And, best yet, it’s all being fed straight into the comms and planning processes to make a real difference.

So yesterday was a comprehensive session on what had worked, what hadn’t, sharing experiences (some of us worked more in some countries than others), along with (where appropriate) notes for what we might do differently next time. And of course general relief that no volcanoes erupted in those two weeks…

And I was also rather keen on the European tour t-shirts we made up for the team too!