Need your response – Now! A week of experiments…

Published by Tony Quinlan on

If you’ve always wondered what it was like to contribute to a SenseMaker® project – this could be your lucky week! Links are at the bottom of the page to two SenseMaker® surveys that will close later today.

Two big events are happening in which we’re looking for input from anyone and everyone.  Later this week, we’ll be launching a SenseMaker® site for the upcoming New York meeting with United Nations Development Programme – we’re looking for people’s ideas for improving matters in a chosen hotspot at the moment…

But today, we’ve got something even more immediate.  Dave Snowden is presenting a workshop in Tampa, Florida today – and at 1600 EST goes on stage to present some results on a couple of SenseMaker® research pieces that are only going live now.


One element is comparing the responses of people in the conference with people from around the world – we’ll have about 60-90 minutes for analysis before Dave gets up on stage. Real-time response within one conference day on a hot topic!

So – your responses are required NOW.  There are two sites to visit – go to both and give us your input…

SenseMaker® Test 1

SenseMaker® Test 2

Go to it!