What lies ahead? Building CrowdSensed pictures

Published by Tony Quinlan on

This week I’m in Singapore at the International Risk and Horizon Scanning Symposium – working with governments to connect Foresight, Policy and Practice.  Sometimes that’s about increasing scanning capacity to help with strategic shock, sometimes it’s about looking at underlying trends. We’re running some live experiments – if you’re reading this on 7th/8th July join in now with one at:


Over the past few weeks the Cognitive Edge team have also been running a new approach with the Singapore government called CrowdSensor.  They’ve been collecting micro-scenarios (what people think might happen) on various topics.  The sites and the issues are still open for the next few weeks – join in at the following addresses:

Applying Foresight in Organisations

Developing Capabilities for Sense-making

The Future of Work

The Future of Transport

Big Shifts in Global Issues

OR, you can use the app (search Sensemaker Collector on the App store or Google Play) – and download and unlock all activities using the code “IRAHSS” on the SenseMaker app once it has been installed.