Complexity, micro-narratives and SenseMaker®. Tony Quinlan’s talk from the UN Data Innovation Lab , Nairobi: March 2017

Published by Tony Quinlan on

It’s a couple of months ago now, but Narrate’s Chief Storyteller, Tony Quinlan, was invited to talk at the fourth UN Data Innovation Learning Lab event, held in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2017. The event focused on “making data meaningful and making the invisible visible“.

The video of the talk is available on YouTube here: UN Data Innovation Lab, Tony Quinlan, March 2017 in the Narrate channel.

Tony spoke on the use of narrative, how it fits into complexity thinking and necessary approaches to uncertainty and contextual/cultural differences. Not shown here is the starting point of the presentation – a manual version of collecting micro-narrative information in a SenseMaker®-style.

In the course of the presentation, Tony referenced a number of recent projects, including United Nations Development Programme projects in Jordan and East Europe, a corporate culture change project in Silicon Valley and a customer voice/insight programme with Ericsson.

(With thanks to Johanna Jochim of the World Food Programme for the video – and apologies to viewers for Tony’s being unable to stand in one spot for the course of the presentation.)