Great opportunity to learn about Cynefin, Complexity and SenseMaker

Published by Tony Quinlan on

NetIKX: Working In Complexity

Just announced in the past week, a variety of opportunities to learn more about complexity, Cynefin and SenseMaker®.

I’ll be in London on 7th March from 2pm running a session for NetIKX – all welcome. It’ll be a mix of theory and exercises, along with the obligatory side stories and examples. I’ll cover how to implement SenseMaker® software, the Cynefin framework and some more general complexity issues as well.

Details are here: Working in Complexity session, 7th March  Price: £30 – a great opportunity for an introduction

Cognitive Edge Courses

If you want more depth on Complexity and Cynefin, Cognitive Edge has just announced its new two-day courses for the first half of 2018. Previous incarnations of the course (the four-day and three-day versions) were always highly recommended – details are here: Cynefin: Foundations Training and Retreats – 2018

The note includes details for the four Cynefin retreats in 2018 – four-day residential immersions into the Cognitive Edge way of thinking.

There are other blogposts in draft form at the moment. They will appear here in the coming weeks, but the timely nature of these meant this one jumped the queue.

Future posts will touch on:

  • Recent projects in Jordan
  • Participatory analysis workshops to avoid groupthink in results
  • Social coherence rather than social cohesion
  • Responsibility and respect in research