In-depth looks at Complexity, Narrative and Children of the World

Published by Tony Quinlan on

The pilots for Children of the World have been fantastic – collecting over 7,000 stories around the world. Working on them with Cognitive Edge was fascinating, challenging and fun – the ideal project!

While we gear up for the next iteration and roll-out, I’m conscious that I don’t think I got around to sharing here the in-depth papers we put together as part of reports from the project.

There are three:

Complex Dynamical Systems Theory is an excellent piece by Dr Alicia Juarrero that underpins so much of the work we’ve been doing.

100816 Narrative Research Snowden FINAL is Dave Snowden’s article that informed (and was I suspect informed by) much of the implementation of the Children of the World project.

Signifier Mapping is Beth Meriam’s illluminating piece on how the signifiers for Children of the World were derived.

All three are full, intelligent articles that deserve proper attention. Turn off the email and the phone, get a comfortable chair and a drink and sit back…