Feet on the ground once more

Published by Tony Quinlan on

A nice feeling this morning – I realise that (for the moment at least), I’ve got two full weeks in the UK to work on projects – the first time I’ve had that long a chunk of time in one place since June/July. Hence the silence on the blog.

The upside of all the travel has been some great projects and sessions – most of them in North/South/Central America with the odd excursion to Europe – but I realise that when I’m doing substantial travelling and working, I’m not (yet) good at staying on top of email and other communications routes. I’m better than I was, but still – too big an inbox for my comfort, so one of the things to work on in the next fortnight (in addition to final reports and new projects) will be clearing out the emails. So, if you sent me something and haven’t heard back, I’m not ignoring you – and there’s a good chance you’ll hear from me this week or next.

I’ll also be back on the blog more – with opportunities for people who have schools nearby that might want to join in Children of the World. We’re about to launch phase 2 of the project and would welcome anyone wants to get their local school involved…