Digital Leadership, Agile Transformation – an introduction to narrative research and SenseMaker

Published by Tony Quinlan on

Thanks to the Digital Leadership Meetup team for the recent opportunity to join them. We talked about the need for good feedback, sense-making in working with people – and the vital role of employee narrative research in providing that (in this case, using SenseMaker® software).

The slides from the SenseMaking your way into the HR of the Digital-Agile age talk are downloadable here.

The SkillsMatter team also videoed the whole process – including the opening SenseMaker Unplugged exercise. Watch the video here.

Bookable conversations

If you’re curious about whether a SenseMaker or narrative research project might help your organisation – or you’re already running one but need a little help – talk to us.

  • If you’re wondering whether SenseMaker might help, we’ve got half-hour pro bono conversations available – no fee, no commitment, just the chance to talk and get information to decide whether it’s worth considering
  • If you’d like some support on an existing project but don’t need a full meeting or consultancy session, we’ve got low-cost, hour-long calls available

Book in on any available slot through the online booking system here.

SenseMaker introduction day

We are also planning to run a full-day introduction to narrative research and SenseMaker in May. We’ll be publishing details shortly. If you’d like to be kept informed of when that will be, you can subscribe in the box to the right and you’ll get an automatic email when we post details or you can email us and we’ll send you an invitation in the next week.


Upcoming workshop sessions on Agile Transformation

And we’re delighted to be able to announce that Ken Power and Tony Quinlan will be sharing their experience of working on Agile Transformation for Cisco at two upcoming conferences. The focus of both sessions will be what is needed to integrate and implement transformation using complexity, Cynefin, sensemaking and narrative research:

  • a full one-day workshop at XP2019 in Montreal, Canada, May 21-25 2019
  • a shorter workshop session at Agile2019 in Washington DC, USA, August 5-9 2019

Times and booking details to follow…