Not today, but soon…

Published by Tony Quinlan on

I’m currently busy putting together a new talk for tomorrow night’s Henley Business School Alumni Medical Suppliers Forum, editing an article and writing two others – one for Melcrum on how negativity and dissent make an organisation more healthy and another for the Medinge Journal on Branding and Complexity.

And I want to put up some reflections from last week’s excellent The Big Push Back event at the Institute of Development Studies and the new paper from a group I hadn’t come across before – the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

But none of that is likely to happen today or tomorrow, I’m afraid. I will put up my slides after tomorrow night’s presentation, however.

And to give you a head’s up on future posts. I am putting together a series of reflections and observations on using Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker software suite – some practical thoughts on process and use, others on potential uses in areas like impact measurement, innovation, employee engagement, knowledge etc. In particular, I’ll talk about how I see multiple uses of a single system getting in the way of its deployment – it’s not uncommon for everyone to see use in it, but then being unable to decide who “owns” it.

There’s also going to be a series of posts interspersed over the next few months, picking up on some of the material I talked about to the LGComms conference earlier. I focussed on one application of narrative, mentioning in passing how important it is in Strategy, Branding, Content, Vision, Knowledge and Leadership. Everyone attending had plenty of experience, but I’ve had one or two requests for more detail for each one – so that’s going to be in the mix too in the coming months.

For now, though, I’m heading back to Keynote…