Using stories to increase sales at Pfizer

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The secret’s finally out – this project last year was with Pfizer. This month’s Strategic Communications Management magazine features Pfizer Communications Director Nigel Edwards’ case study on the overall project.

Strategic Communications Management Pfizer story

If I’m honest, we were very proud of this one. Fast response, fast gathering and fast analysis – and using SenseMaker produced some fantastic, usable insights.

In Nigel’s words:

“The approach of gathering stories paid dividends…the subsequent analysis gave us insights no other method would have.”

There was one additional piece that wouldn’t fit into Nigel’s case study, so for completeness I’m adding it here. It comes from the breakout box on the last page: “Understanding the results.” The article includes an example of a histogram (polarity/diad) but here’s the same for a triad:

In the triangles, each dot represents one set of indexes from a rep – i.e. their response to a particular story.

The overall pattern, therefore, gives the relative strengths of perceptions on each issue.

Boxes have been drawn around major clusters, with the number of data in each shown

Pfizer sales Sensemaker survey results triad


Rick Davies · 21 February 2011 at 10:17 am

Hi Tony
You may be interested in my commentary on Edwards paper, at
Your comments there in return would be welcome
regards, rick davies

Tony Quinlan · 26 February 2011 at 10:54 pm

For those wondering, there’s a full response to Rick’s thoughtful comments on his blog.

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